Moon over the lake

The moon as seen from Utah Lake, looking back toward Provo.

Marry me

What could be more romantic than a marriage proposal on a trophy store sign? But I still hope she said yes.

Wet Season

It has been an unusually wet summer here in Utah. I was trying to film raindrops during a particularly violent thunderstorm and kept forgetting to disable my flash. This was one of the results.


These bones were found along the trail at Provo Canyon.

Canyon Road

In my opinion, the Provo Canyon path looks especially pretty as a black-and-white photo.

Water Park

It wasn't until I moved away from BYU campus that I got to know other parts of Provo a lot better. This water park is located in central Provo and these two slides are the main attraction for everyone over the height requirement of 48'. :)


Utah + summer = road construction. These cones were eventually used to cut off one lane on a major Provo road--University Avenue.