Happy Independence Day!

Fireworks at the Stadium of Fire show in Provo. I love the reflections.


Visitors from outer space?

I love that this flower looks like it came from an alien species. :)

Secret Garden

Sometimes, you're not quite sure if you're in a backyard or a forest.


It's definitely springtime. I love all the beautiful colors that come with flowers in bloom.

Tulip pot?

Even after years of being surrounded by gardens, I've never seen tulips planted in a bush like this.

Broken Sprinklers

It's warm enough to need sprinklers for lawns in Provo, but it still gets chilly enough at night to create a frost. This picture is the result of a broken sprinkler at one of the local churches.


This beautiful house is located in the foothills of Provo and Squaw Peak can be seen rising behind it.

Art Show

My roommate and I went to the Covey Center in Provo for this month's art show, entitled "Ninety-Nine Most Beautiful Names." And I just wanted to share a picture I took of one of the pieces, "Inspirer of Peace."

Happy (late) Easter!

If I had all these colorful decorations on my tree, I wouldn't want to take them down, either.

Provo Temple

Because it was such a blustery and foggy day, I chose to take pictures in black and white. Here is a shot from the east side of the Provo temple.


The snow continued all night and part of this morning, but it's finally calmed down. I had to trudge through slush and clear several inches off my car this morning; it made me late(r) to work, but it also gave me a chance to wear my favorite ridiculous polka-dotted wellies, so I guess it wasn't too bad.

Unprepared for the weather

The weather around here changes rapidly sometimes; sometimes it's sunny and clear when you leave your house in the morning, then by the time you come home it's snowing up a storm. If you don't plan for the crazy weather you could end up like this guy, walking home through a blizzard in flip-flops and shorts.

It's a little depressing, our weather today; the warm weather this morning had me in a cheery mood as I went to work, but by the time I left we were back to winter. It's like seeing someone bake a pan of brownies, only to find out you don't get to eat any. I keep telling myself it's good for the snowpack, but I don't really believe it.