Inside the lodge

Inside the Bearclaw Cabin. I love getting cozy by the fire and eating a well-earned Frito pie.

The lodge

This is the Bearclaw Cabin at the top of the back mountain at Sundance. Great place to get warm after a morning of boarding.

Provo from Sundance

Looking down Provo Canyon toward Utah Valley from the top of the back mountain at Sundance. Yes, that Sundance, with the film festival and the Robert Redford and all. Since I've never been to the film festival and I don't really have an opinion on Robert Redford, to me it's just a smallish ski resort that's conveniently close to my house and has some great views.

Gray day

More bad weather. Today at one point it was snowing while the sun was shining. Spring is weird that way.

Sunday snow

I don't have a picture of a church for today, but I do have more snow. I think my pictures of Provo might give one the idea that it snows all spring long . . . which is true.


Music store

Best in Music at the mall . . . great place to buy sheet music.


On the upper floor of the mall.

Looking outside

Mt. Timpanogos in the distance, as viewed through the windows at the Provo mall food court.

Food court

The skylight over the food court at the mall.


Patrons at the Provo Towne Centre mall, waiting outside the movie theater.

Sunday Churches

The Provo Community United Church of Christ is located downtown.

Snowy night

I took this a few weeks ago; the weather's actually been decent lately. Let's hope this picture doesn't give the sky any ideas.

B.Y. Academy

The front of the old Brigham Young Academy building, which is now the library, in the rain. Looks rather gothic in this shot, doesn't it? To quote Scully, "Is that a hound I hear, baying out on the moor?"

Pro-title and Escrow

No idea what escrow means, but I think this company has a rather lovely building.


This clock is outside the big Zions Bank building downtown.

Karate studio

I would love to take karate, and have actually looked into this and other studios, but I'm having trouble finding a class that (a) works with my schedule and (b) has a beginner class that is not full of six-year-olds. I don't want to be the oldest person in my class by twenty years.

Library reference

This is the reference area on the upper floor, which is designed a quiet study area. Nice if you need to study, but I live in fear of my cell phone ringing one day while I'm up there.

Library stairs

These don't actually lead to any books; they lead to the ballroom. But they're still in the Academy building, so we're going to say they're library stairs.

Library walls

I liked the contrast of the wet concrete with the dry here. This is just outside the library entrance.

Library stained glass

This window takes up one wall in the nonfiction area, which means I almost never see it because I don't read much nonfiction.

Library Spanish section

This is not the entire Spanish section, in case you were wondering.

Library shelves

I think these are sci-fi and large print.

Library seating area

Provo Library at sunset