Empty road

Stores downtown

Misty Y Mountain

It's been a rainy, cloudy week; as you can see, we could barely see the mountains.

Spring flowers

Another shot from the temple. I love these flowers; they're kind of bizarre.

Happy Easter!

I saved this particular Sunday Churches entry for Easter, because this is the most important building in the whole city to me, and Easter is one of the most important days of the year. This is the Provo Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, where members of the church go to worship and to make sacred covenants that will enable us to return to God. And what better day is there to make mention of this building, which is for so many people symbolic of the hope of eternal life, than on Easter, when we remember that Christ atoned for us to save us from sin and rose from the tomb to save us from the grave?

"He is not here, for He is risen." Happy Easter!

BYU in the rain

BYU campus was unusually empty today, as the semester ended this week.


A little bit of both

Blossoms are blooming on the trees and snow is falling on the mountains. It's April in Provo.

Pleased to announce . . .

An couple gets their engagement photos taken in front of the Academy Building portion of the library. This is a pretty common sight in Provo in the spring . . . and the summer . . . and large parts of the fall and winter.



Along with its neighbor, Muse Music, Velour is the place to go in Provo to see local bands and sensitive singer-songwriters.

Sunday . . . not quite churches

So I didn't have a picture of a church ready for today. However, this building--the Maeser Building on BYU campus--probably doubles as a church building for students, as most BYU buildings do. So it's kind of like a church.

Stormy sky


This was behind a store. I couldn't tell you which, since I was behind it so I couldn't read the sign.


This is a lovely window on a local church.

Bollywood Market

This little shop on University Avenue is a great place to buy garam masala.

Center Street

Buildings on Center Street, plus an advertisement for a Philly cheese steak sandwich and potato salad for $4.99. Not a bad price . . . too bad I don't like potato salad.

Concrete backyard

This is the small backyard of a house (not pictured) built next to a large commercial complex. What I loved about this house is that, to make up for having a big concrete wall behind them, the owners placed those lattices for plants to grow on. There's nothing growing on them at the moment, but I like to believe that at some point, they made this concrete block look a little more like home.

Sunday churches

This is in the corner of St. Mary's Episcopal Church in downtown Provo. I focused on this bit because I love old buildings; 1907 doesn't seem very old in some cities, but around here that's practically ancient.

Old house

This lovely old house is, I believe, now an office.

Sushi Special

I've been watching a lot of Ask A Ninja today, which inspired me to post this picture of a Japanese restaurant on Center Street.

Western Provo scene

I have no idea what that concrete cylinder is. But since it's down by the lake, which is a largely rural area, I'm going to guess it has something to do with agriculture.

Be kind to fish

I'd never seen one of these before this weekend. At first I thought it meant there were fish living in the sewers, which was a little confusing but I suppose not impossible.

Sidewalk sale

Cherry Lane Keepsakes was having a sidewalk sale over the weekend; I got an adorable knitted head wrap for $3. I guess if it keeps snowing like it has been, I may get to use it before I pack all my winter stuff away.


At the risk of sounding like a broken record: dear sky, any chance of you not snowing anymore? It is, after all, April, and I think we're all feeling a little wintered-out.

And what's especially funny is how fast the weather changes. On Saturday it was blissfully warm when I took this photo in my backyard. 24 hours later, I put on my galoshes and trudged out into the snow to take the second picture. And knowing how the weather goes, it'll probably all be gone by tomorrow.

Conference weekend

Traffic lines a normally quiet street as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints head toward a local church building for the broadcast of the priesthood session of the church's General Conference.

Arrowhead Lift

Looking down a ski run toward the bottom of the Arrowhead lift at the Sundance ski resort.

Heber from Sundance

Again at the top of Sundance, this time looking north(ish) toward Heber and Deer Creek Reservoir.