hist whist

hist whist
little ghostthings

little twitchy
witches and tingling
hob-a-nob hob-a-nob

- E. E. Cummings

Jack o' lanterns

Halloween in Provo

They're among us!

While on a walk with the other contributors of this blog, we came across a house that, well, really knows how to get jazzed for Halloween. I'm not sure if this is a warning that these kinds of creatures would do better to not trick-or-treat at this door or if it's a tribute to many years of children having very odd costume tastes.


I wish this was my wall and that I had the adorable idea of placing pumpkins along the top of it, but it isn't and I didn't. Still, it makes me excited for Halloween.

Discovery Academy

Discovery Academy is a boarding school for teenagers located in central Provo.

Sunday churches

On Sundays, we want to highlight some of the churches in Provo, of which there are many. This chapel is one of many that serves members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in southwest Provo.

BYU Homecoming

We know the rule is one photo a day, but since this has ruled our lives the last few days, we thought a few extra photos would be all right. Today is the BYU homecoming football game versus TCU, and as we live close to the stadium, the game has taken over our section of town. Above, die-hard fans camp in the stadium parking lot in anticipation of the filming of EPSN GameDay. Photo by Heather.

Above, game day traffic clogs all roads leading to the stadium and, unfortunately, to our apartment. Photo by Heather.

Above, the stadium parking lot is filled with the cars of fans lucky enough to get a close spot. Most attendees will have to park on the side of a road or pay to park in the yard of an enterprising local. Photo by Heather.

Fans pour into the stadium in preparation for the game. Photo by Emily.

Light the Y

As part of the traditional BYU Homecoming festivities, the Y on Y Mountain has been lit every night this week.

Cloudy day

Rain clouds hover over the mountains just northeast of Provo.

Nu Skin

The Nu Skin building is the most prominent in downtown Provo.

Great Steak

The sign for the Great Steak Sandwich Co., located in southwest Provo near Utah Lake State Park, frequently posts messages in commemoration of weddings, birthdays, and other events. The other side currently reads "Charlie rules."

Leaves beneath your feet

Fall is the greatest time of year because of all the bright vibrant colors. Blue sky, red leaves that crunch under your feet as you walk down old town Provo.. its picturesque! If you ever need something to do, go find a part of Provo in the fall and listen to the leaves crunch beneath your shoes, for some reason its great theory.


Photo by Naazju

Road in a yellow wood

Trees on Squaw Peak Road in Provo Canyon.


The gazebo behind the BYU Alumni Building, just before sunset.


The Reserve at East Bay golf course. In the background, low clouds still remain from rain the night before.

In Memoriam

At the Rocky Mountain Band Competition, held October 13 in the Lavell Edwards Stadium at Brigham Young University, the American Fork High School marching band pays tribute to woodwind instructor Heather Christensen, who was killed three days earlier when a bus rolled as it was bringing the band home from a competition.

Provo from above

A view of southern Provo and Utah Lake from Squaw Peak, located on the east side of the valley.