BYU Homecoming

We know the rule is one photo a day, but since this has ruled our lives the last few days, we thought a few extra photos would be all right. Today is the BYU homecoming football game versus TCU, and as we live close to the stadium, the game has taken over our section of town. Above, die-hard fans camp in the stadium parking lot in anticipation of the filming of EPSN GameDay. Photo by Heather.

Above, game day traffic clogs all roads leading to the stadium and, unfortunately, to our apartment. Photo by Heather.

Above, the stadium parking lot is filled with the cars of fans lucky enough to get a close spot. Most attendees will have to park on the side of a road or pay to park in the yard of an enterprising local. Photo by Heather.

Fans pour into the stadium in preparation for the game. Photo by Emily.


Fredjikrang said...

Looks even crazier than normal for a game day! I think that I am okay with not being there this weekend.

Also, I hope it wasn't too much of a hassle for you all. :-/

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